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A strong foundation is first built using the best materials which meet the strictest quality standards, and no one understands that better than 4 Rivers Tiny Homes.


We are committed to customer satisfaction with each of our products, providing personalized service with each one of our products. Check out some of our specialized products below.



Locally made in Murchison with unbelievable Insulation properties, our SIPS panels are far superior than traditional insulation.

Provides a stable interior home environment that is 50% to 70% more energy-efficient than a conventional wood-framed home.

They contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which, if present, can increase the risk of respiratory health problems such as asthma.

Additionally, our panels are non-nutrient and will not support the growth of harmful Mould.



We use a colour steel substrate with a super polyester pre-painted finish system applied.


Designed to provide protection against corrosion in severe to very severe environmental conditions.

Timber Cladding options are available:

e.g. Larch, Lawson, Pine, Cedar, etc



Windows and doors mean large holes in the construction of a wall, it is critical to have quality uPVC windows that provide excellent protection from the weather while preventing temperature changes and energy loss.

We use double glazed thermally broken uPVC windows that provide extra thermal performance compared to standard aluminium.


 Compared to standard aluminum R0.4 – R0.9 range compared to R0.26 for aluminum double glazed windows.

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